We are moved and proud that our ADJE crew ladies Divine (author of ‘Who am I?’) and Eva (Grüne Kitas) were invited as empowerment experts to Afrika Outlook on Tide TV, sharing our ADJE vision with the world. Topic of the show with the wonderful host Johanna von Coburg was: “Strong, strategic, self-confident – Empowerment for children & young people from the Black Community.

If you missed the live stream, don’t worry. The talk is also available on the Afrika Outlook YouTube channel.

Because of the shocking murder of George Floyd and the Blacklivesmatter movement, the show addresses the issue of racism, but in a very constructive, practical way. Our response to racism, which ranges from verbal to physical assaults and racially motivated crimes, is a well thought-out, continuous, physical and psychological empowerment that serves as a preparation for possible racist confrontations. We focus thematically on children and young people.

The inspiring talk with the guests Divine Ineza (founder of ADJE Intercultural Platform e.V. & author of the kids book ‘Who am I?’), Eva Rost (Grüne Kitas) and Wael Abdulgader (Afrika United) was framed by two dance choreographies from Franklyn Kakyire aka Slunchtothefullest.

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