Just imagine a world of abundance. Full of love. Full of dialogue. Full of joy. Full of empathy. Sounds like heaven, right? That’s the kind of sustainable world ADJE is striving for. So that our kids will be able to enjoy it as well.☆

ADJE’s human and social values are built around four important words that embody what *A*D*J*E stands for. We have decided to express every word in a different language because German, English and French are the main languages that will accompany our intercultural activities.

AMOUR [Liebe, love] for the human love of other cultures that we meet on our way and for the empowerment of the young generation to create a future rich in colour and mutual understanding.

DIALOG [dialogue] for a positive communication and intercultural exchange that will stop prejudices and break stereotypes in Germany, Europe and Africa.

JOY [Freude, joie] for the joy we want to convey and share by exploring, multiplying and expanding our various professional, educational, social and cultural skills through a varied range of interactive activities and workshops.

EMPATHIE [empathy] for the positive journey we want to create by inviting you to jump into our intercultural bus and make a move towards a better understanding of each other without putting forward personal judgments and labels.

You also believe in the power of interculturalism? Come and join us.