TURBULENCE (hurricane) is a musical collective project initiated by our ADJE star Jona Oak – a Belgian singer-songwriter living in Paris – during the Corona Quarantine in cooperation with ADJE Intercultural Platform e.V., Institut Women Safe & Children and SOS Kinderdorf. The aim of TURBULENCE is to raise awareness for the victims of domestic and family violence.

Music is a voice. It breaks the silence for those who cannot speak.

Jona Oak, singer-songwriter

Inspired by intercultural artists, both women and men, who combine their skills, voices, musical instruments and body language to break the silence, TURBULENCE finally came to the light of day. To bear unwavering witness that violence knows no boundaries and that this struggle is universal.

We are happy to celebrate the release of TURBULENCE on the YouTube channel of Jona Oak. On June 26th, 2020 the time has finally come. Please share the song in your networks to draw attention to domestic violence.

You can download the song and donate at the same time for this cause.

Many talented, intercultural musicians, singers, dancers & artists from Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Gabon, Guadeloupe, India, Italy, Cameroon, Mexico, Rwanda, Spain, USA have participated in this campaign.

And you’ve probably guessed it already… ADJE’s creative Mama Star Divine is of course also involved. You can see her dancing like a bird in traditional Rwandan dress towards the end of the music video. As a symbol for the liberation from violence.


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