ADJE Intercultural Platform e.V. is a Hamburg-based non-profit organization whose main goal (according to our statute) consists in building a POSITIVE and sustainable communication bridge. It shall foster an intercultural exchange of knowledge and guidance between people of German culture and various other cultures encountered in Germany – in particular to empower the young generation on their journey towards diversity and self-discovery. Remember:
☆Everyone can be a star and help others to see.☆

The story behind ADJE

ADJE is the first word that has been pronounced by my daughter. She and her little German friend are the inspiration for the creation of this intercultural organization. If you look closely, you find them in our logo 😉

Let us be like children and learn from each other without fear. Photo credit © Jessica Cardoso Photography

The word ADJE has the following personal meaning for me (Divine): “Mum, Dad, I have something important to share with you; I want you to see the world through my eyes.”

ADJE written as “AJE” in Kiswahili language means: “Come to me, come closer.” It also happens to be title of one of my daughter’s favourite songs by Alikiba.

ADJE, ADJE, ADJE… this word is so meaningful to me and carries that precious dream of encouraging people to stand up and tell the world precisely, wisely, peacefully and without fear what deeply touches and affects their hearts. So we invite you to engage with us in an open, intercultural interaction where all will be heard.

ADJE, ADJE, ADJE… this word perfectly embraces the freedom of expression and the freedom of being and exchanging in a culturally rich environment.

To our intercultural organization ADJE means:

“Come to us. We all have something important to say, show and share with each other.”

Wisdom of a child

Our Team


ADJE founder & chairperson

Rwanda, Belgium, Cameroon, Luxembourg, Germany – she has many homelands. Loving to share cultural flavours, she is the *CREATIVE MAMA STAR* of ADJE and inspires with her positive spirit & motivation. On top, the dedicated mother is a certified translator, project manager & children’s book author with a talent for marketing.


ADJE co-founder & asst. chairperson

German by passport, international by heart. The curious globetrotter truely believes in the power of intercultural encounter. She enjoys to support ADJE as *ADVISING STAR* and linguistic eagle-eye. ADJE profits from Lena’s networking mind and her experience as public relations professional & copywriter.


ADJE little star ambassador

This smart young lady with the stunning revolver-look and mixed roots is the *INSPIRATIONAL STAR* and youth ambassador of ADJE. Janelle encourages youngsters to ask themselves: How many cultures are alive within me? Her considerate nature turns her into the first contact point for kids during ADJE events.


ADJE core team member

Be it through dancing, cooking or travelling – Anetta loves to invite intercultural diversity into her life. With a lot of passion she helps to develop ADJE and to organise events. She is also our *VISUAL CONTENT STAR*. Her special sense for aethetics and gentle empathy allow her to capture our intercultural family on pictures and videos.


ADJE core team member

Born in Nigeria, grown up in Germany: Eva has been working for many years in Hamburg as an educator and multiplier for sustainability. Through her ‘Grüne Kitas‘ (sustainable daycare) initiative, she helps children, parents and educators to implement a greener lifestyle in a playful and simple way. That’s why Eva is our *GREEN EDUCATION STAR* at ADJE – and is actively involved in developing our exchange formats for young and old.


ADJE core team member

Born in NRW, Sunny has a real sunshine personality – hence her nickname. In addition to her analytical side, the trained business lawyer also has plenty of creativity, which she lives out in photography. With her Kenyan husband she has a daughter in primary school and knows the challenges of intercultural education. As *COMMUNITY STAR* she is responsible for the association and project development at ADJE.


ADJE Accounts Auditor

Our ADJE *ACCOUNTANCY STAR* comes from Cameroon, but has been calling Germany her home since 2008. Intercultural empowerment is very important to the mother of three small children. As a professional financial accountant, Irène supports ADJE in accounting and helps in project development. What she likes most about Germany is the accuracy and the romantic architecture.